Hardware Keyloggers Vs. Software Keyloggers

There are two types of keyloggers, hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers.

First is a Hardware keyloggers which records typing, by plugging a tiny device into the computers keyboard. The second method of recording typing is via a software keylogger. This works by the user installing some software on the operating system of the computer, usually Windows 98/XP/Vista.

Many people ask "what's better a hardware keylogger or a software keylogger?"

Below we compare hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers in terms of overall features, which is safest to use, which is easiest to use and which is easiest to detect.

Keylogger Hardware

Keylogger Hardware

Advantage Stores over a billion keystrokes

Advantage Does not need system access for installation

Advantage Undetectable to anti-spyware

Advantage Invulnerable to security scanners

Advantage Recording and playback can be done on two different computers

Keylogger Software

Keylogger Software

Disadvantage Use storage space and system resource

Disadvantage Requires full access to operating system to install

Disadvantage Dedicated to one type of OS (Windows Only)

Disadvantage Fully detectable for software scanners

Disadvantage Operation limited to single computer, you must pay for additional licenses

Easy of Use

Hardware Keylogger

Advantage Installs in 5 seconds, simply plug it in

Advantage Can be installed even if the computer is switched off

Advantage Can be installed without logging into the computer

Advantage Can be removed, and the information retrieved on another computer

Software Keylogger

Disadvantage Requires a password to log into the computer

Disadvantage Requires administration rights to install

Disadvantage Requires that software be installed on the computer

Advantage Can record operating system events such as page file size, etc

Methods of detection?

Hardware Keylogger

Advantage Undetectable by virus scanners

Advantage Device is invisible to software running on the host PC

Advantage Data inside device is encrypted

Advantage Download log files in seconds

Software Keylogger

Disadvantage Virus scanners will detect & remove the software

Disadvantage software keyloggers can be disabled by the user

Disadvantage Anti spyware software will alert the user if a software keylogger is present

Safest method?

Hardware Keylogger

Advantage Works on a Macintosh or Linux computer

Advantage Works on any operating system

Advantage Device is invisible to any PC software running

Advantage Superior backup - if the operating system crashes, the data inside the keylogger is still safe

Software Keylogger

Disadvantage Will not work on a modern Macintosh or Linux computers

Disadvantage Some software keyloggers will crash the host PC, if macro software is installed

Disadvantage If the operating system is reinstalled, the software keylogger will be erased

Disadvantage If the operating system crashes, the recorded data could be lost.


Hardware Keyloggers, present an elegant solution to the "spy vs. spy" game of the software keyloggers market. Because there is nothing installed on the hard drive, it is undetectable by all anti-spy and eraser software, now and into the future. Implementing software keyloggers requires constant vigilance (both in time and expense) on behalf of the user to make sure that their solution is still performing. Hardware Keyloggers work at the source to ensure accurate data recording.

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